Lyrics exposed: how to sing your #poetry #edm


Do you like to write? Do you like music? What do you think links these two media together?

Whether we’re writing a novel, poetry, or lyrics to the next best hit single, there are lots of things we need to consider when grouping words together.

Words have certain tones and ring like notes when we read them aloud. Their meanings not only evoke emotion when we hear them. Think seething, despair, sunny, flying. There is also a feeling that comes from certain words when we hear them sung in a rhythm. An-tic-i-pa-tion. We don’t even have to know what that word means.

Some poetry is written with a strict structure and a pre-prescribed rhyme scheme, like a sonnet. Iambic pentameter is an example of meter while alliteration and assonance are methods used to create repetition in sound patterns.

Do you need to study poetry to write? Of course not! Writing can be a great release, therapy, if would like to call it that. Many a despairing soul has found solace in keeping a journal. Kept under lock and key, that journal can be a great place to sort our feelings, relieve a broken heart, and sort through particularly angry feelings.

In today’s electronic age, I still have my journal under lock and key. It’s a password-protected Word doc. I can still draw on situations, joyful as well as painful, that I wrote about a few years back.

Say I need to write lyrics for music that comes across as edgy and aggressive. And, like the picture above, we had to finish the last song for the CD on that day. I wasn’t feeling aggressive and edgy. I was actually happy and tired because it was a Sunday afternoon. Now, I couldn’t wait for the muse to strike, I had to get edgy and sing! On that Sunday afternoon, I got out my journal and found a memorable bad day. That’s how we finished up the song FAKER: