The greatest thing music does for us #dance #MondayBlogs


How do you listen to music? Do you put on music because you feel a certain way or do you have special ‘go-to’ songs you listen to in order to get you into another frame of mind? You know, like a boxer going into the ring blasting their anthem or someone with a broken heart wallowing in self-pity.

Lots of people use music to get them into a different frame of mind. Go to an aerobic class and no matter what mood you are in, when you hear that bass, you want to jump up and DANCE! Yes, the music makes a big difference. If there’s no volume, no power, nobody’s going to sweat for a whole hour voluntarily. Did you ever do a spinning class? If the music sucks, there’s no way I’m going to pedal my ass off for an hour.

It’s fun to get yourself into a real funk too, like if you’re not sad enough from some painful experience, just put on the fitting song and off you go! I remember one time I suffered a memorably painful break up and I put this Rihanna video on repeat-repeat-repeat-repeat. Try it if you want to really sink into a mire of tears and despair!

What are you listening to right now? I’m working so I’m listening to a pop-dance mix, non-offensive and kinda in the background. It’s got a bit of a beat but not enough to  make me want to get up and dance. I need to sit in this chair and do my computer work.

When I get home, I’m going to listen to some prog-rock. Opeth and King Crimson and Yes. Old Genesis with Peter Gabriel. Then some Blue Note Jazz.