What’s the best thing about #music #videos? #edm

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My favorite things about music videos

I love to watch music videos. I want to see how the musicians feel about their song. That is to say: if the musicians were involved in making the video, if they really tried to interpret their song and not just ass about in front of the camera, and if the song really deserves its own video.

Because I am a writer and a vocalist, I think in words. Those words become lyrics and those lyrics become visual. Depending on the beat of the song, that visualization becomes movement and that’s where we start planning a video. Lots of the songs on our new CD feel like travelling songs for me, because at the time we were travelling a lot. Especially Pure White Light. The beat reminds me of being on trains, in moving cars, on the road. Flying. And that peculiar melancholy and loneliness that comes with travelling.

Our new video Bleak is just the opposite. This is a centered, at home, grounded video. The inspiration comes from the visual and we worked backwards on this one. The images were so strong in this iconic building. We had the idea for the video first and wrote the music and lyrics to go with the images.

The video was filmed in the old Höfner building in Germany. Many a musical instrument was made in this factory and we were luck enough to be allowed to film in here. We love this place. There’s an eerie energy and lots of good vibes in the hidden stairways and wooden ceiling beams.

What’s your favorite thing about music videos? Or do you think video killed the radio star?