#Artwork and album covers: does anyone care anymore? #dancemusic

RELAYER by Yes, released in 1974–Artwork by Roger Dean

Once upon a time, people would go into a record shop and flip through stacks of albums, looking at the artwork. Like book covers, lots of people bought their music because the cover was cool. CDs still come with cover art and I’m sure someone goes through a lot of trouble to make the cover the best it can be. But is anyone looking at the artwork as they scroll through a playlist on iTunes or on their phone? Are the artists just making the cover art to look good as a thumbnail?

That’s what we’re up to this week. We’re planning the cover art for the new CD. None of us are, like, painters or air brush specialists (except our luthier who is great at spraying guitar bodies). But there is a super-photographer in our midst and he’s been taking lots of pictures. He’s responsible for all the guitar porn on the Hutchins Guitars web site. And he’s the one who does all our videos.

Let us know what you think. Do you care what our CD cover looks like? Do you even buy CDs anymore or do you just stream single songs?