The #challenge of launching a new brand #dance #music

LäGzz PWL CD Cover Front Only

Here we go folks! The CD cover is done and we’re ready to go! The funny thing is, I fear this was the easy part! Music and writing is our life and it’s what we do. It’s as natural as breathing, as familiar as walking, a given.

But music comes alive when it’s shared with others. When the song plays and the people get up and dance. That’s why we do this. Getting these songs in front of others isn’t easy, though. So, now the fun begins. We need to build a brand. This starts with some sort of trademark, doesn’t it? A logo of sorts. Ok, we have one of those. And some great images.

But even with all of this, the question remains: do people want to listen to new, original music?

We see this phenomena not only with music, but with books and films as well: cover versions of songs, remixes, fan-fiction and movie remakes. I’m asking why this is so widespread. Do audiences demand rehashed ideas and that’s what the media machine gives them? If you ask me, I’ve seen plenty of original art work out there, be it paintings, films, stories and music. There is no lack of talent out there in our world.

What do you prefer? Original music or covers bands? New books or fan-fiction? Original movies with new story lines or movie remakes?