Have you experienced the joys of winter #traveling ? #NYC #eastcoast

EWR (2)
Newark Airport: Sunday December 10, 2017

I just spent the week in PA and I had forgotten what a joy it is to travel in the winter! I also seem to forget what a long haul the flight from Germany to the east coast of America is everytime I book a flight. Because there’s a six hour difference, America being six hours behind Germany, the flight to America is bearable, taking place during the day. Going back in time, if you want to try to get your head around that.

But going the other way, eastbound, is generally an overnight flight. You start in the airport at 5 pm and end up in Europe at 7 in the morning. Now if you can sleep on a moving vehicle, you’ll be fine. But if you can’t, you’re looking at being up for 18 – 24 hours, depending on the duration of your journey.

The traffic seems to be less heavy right before Christmas. I happened to get a whole row of seats, in this plane it was three seats, to myself. That meant, on the overnight flight, I could lay down. That was like winning the lottery and I did say a quick thanks to the unseen forces that oversee airtravel! Thanks and more thanks!

And that brings me to the spirit of the season: gratitude. We have a lot to be grateful for. Let’s think about that for a minute. What are you grateful for?