What’s the inspiration behind PURE WHITE LIGHT? Interview with LäGzz singer #dance #edm


LäGzz debut CD to be released FEBRUARY 23!

LäGzz singer Susique tells us about the inspiration behind some of the songs from their debut release PURE WHITE LIGHT.

Pure White Light: We know that crash and burn all too well. But we’re both lucky to have gotten the pure white light too. Click the link for the video.

Bleak: The video speaks the inspiration behind the song the loudest. It’s voices from another time, a lost hope, lost success, what’s left of a once promising generation. Watch the video here.

“Acid Wash: A bad day sitting around lead to this.

So Alone: Did you ever walk around town on a winter’s evening, nowhere to go, no friends? And you see all those warm living room windows flickering blue light from the TV and you think they are all so happy and warm in there and here you are outside all alone? That’s So Alone.

“My favorite song is ZERO: Zero is what lovers do when they are finally allowed to be together and free to just be!”

Watch for the release of PURE WHITE LIGHT February 23!