READY? GO! LaGzz #electropop CD PURE WHITE LIGHT is available on @cdbaby #newrelease #dancedancedance

Read the buzz for newly-released electropop CD PURE WHITE LIGHT:

“This CD is what happens when you take an East-Coast she-wolf and a London metal guitarist and shipwreck them in Germany. LäGzz’s debut is not only stacked synths and heavy beats, ala Eurodisco, its a moody array of German chillwave. Tracks like MR FORREST and ATLANTIC AVE are club style dance sensations and the atmospheric tracks like SO ALONE (watch the video!) zone us to a midtempo of hushed chants and introspective lyrics. My favorite track is ZERO and the title track PURE WHITE LIGHT.”

Preview and purchase PURE WHITE LIGHT here on CB Baby!