#edm #synthpop CD by LäGzz creates a guitar-fueled #dance storm


from MusiKKreview 02/2018, by Jess Jorgenson

“I was skeptical at first, what with all this guitar. Don’t get me wrong, I love guitar but can you make it work in a synthpop genre? So I stuffed PURE WHITE LIGHT into my cd player and only when I noticed I was dancing around the flat, did I buy into how this debut effort from LäGzz really crosses sultry, vintage sounds with a fresh take on electropop.

“Opening with The Crown, PURE WHITE LIGHT promises an electronic, bass-heavy intrigue, the vocals playing off the guitar. Mr Forrest and Atlantic Avenue are gritty club tracks that’ll have you up and on your feet. Lots of bass there too!

“The mastermind behind the band is guitarist and synth-master Musket. And here with the title track, Pure White Light, the band earns their electropop badge, and that guitar is what gives this band that edge, that intriguing edge. I can’t stop saying intriguing!

“Then the cd moves into haunting, moody, tracks like So Alone and Song of the Dead, highlighting the lyrics and talents of vocalist and self-proclaimed poet, Susique. Again, the guitar accompanies the enchantment. Zero is an epic effort that really brings this endeavor above full-circle.

“Looking forward to seeing how this debut effort finds its way into listeners hearts!”

PURE WHITE LIGHT is available to preview and purchase here and here !