LäGzz is:

Susique—Vocals: Susique was born in Bethlehem, PA. After finishing school, she went to Germany. Somehow she ended up in Nuremberg in South Germany. There she played in various bands, a German-based punk band called SchlechteZeiten and a Neue Deutsche Welle band called Nitro Quatro. One night in 2015, she was at an Archive concert in Erlangen minding her own business when she met up with English guitarist Musket. Hobbies include reading, reading, reading, writing and baking cookies.

Musket—Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Synths: Musket was born to a family of racing car drivers in London. He loved everything cars and wanted to be a racing car driver himself. That is, until his buddy Nigel put a guitar in his hands. His first guitar was a Grimshaw GS30 and his outlook on life changed at that very moment. Then in 2014 he was travelling around Germany and met up with Gerd Schaller, a luthier, and started working with him in a little shop outside Nuremberg. With bass player Horst Hartmann, they started the band PowNow, a German alternative space prog rock band. Gerd was a big fan of the band Archive and he took Musket on that fated night in 2015 to the concert in Erlangen where Musket met Susique. Hobbies include building guitars and photography.

Susique and Musket formed LäGzz in the summer of 2015 first under the name Eighth Union and completed the first album. Upon meeting Allan James in Brighton UK, they re-recorded certain tracks, wrote lots of new songs, abandoned others and changed the band name to LäGzz. The album was then recorded at the Abandoned Snail Studios in Nuremberg, Germany and mixed at Big Mike’s Mixing in Malta.

Inspiration behind the songs featured on the CD PURE WHITE LIGHT:

The Crown: It was no fun being a royal, like Anne Boleyn. It was probably quite dangerous.

Pure White Light: We know that crash and burn all too well. But we’re both lucky to have gotten the pure white light too.

So Alone: Did you ever walk around town on a winter’s evening, nowhere to go, no friends? And you see all those warm living room windows flickering blue light from the TV and you think they are all so happy and warm in there and here you are outside all alone? That’s So Alone.

Traction Babe: Watch a face lie and see what it’s really telling you. Multiply by seven. That’s humanity.

Burning Soul: I’ll save you the sermon. I read a lot about the 17th century witch burnings in Germany. Don’t ask me about it if you aren’t prepared for a long, long answer.

Song of the Dead: A young man loves an older woman, an unconventional relationship. The young man goes to sea and leaves the older woman behind. The woman drowns herself because, that’s what one does when their lover goes away, right?

Zero: Is what lovers do when they are finally allowed to be together and free to just be!

Bleak: The video speaks the inspiration behind the song the loudest. It’s voices from another time, a lost hope, lost success, what’s left of a once promising generation.

Mr Forrest: Sitting in the Bavarian Forest in a wooden hut we met Mr Forrest, a game keeper. We thought it was cool to have a name that described what you do so we wrote this.

Atlantic Avenue: To celebrate our time in Brooklyn we took inspiration from the Soul Food place we visited there.

Acid Wash: A bad day sitting around lead to this.

LäGzz PWL CD Cover Front Only