We’d like to thank all our fans for hanging in with us this summer. After announcing our UK live dates and festivals for the summer of 2018, we tried to get Susique here from Germany. However, because our she-wolf is American, it wasn’t as easy to get her to the UK to work and live, even though her husband is British. We never thought it would be so complicated! So with Susique stranded in Germany and a very unhappy Musket and band on their own in England, we were forced to cancel all our planned UK dates.

But after six months of waiting we are finally back together in the UK! LäGzz is now based in Sussex & we’re ready to go. We’re starting to rehearse with the band and book gigs for autumn/winter……watch this space for future details …



The song BLEAK from our debut CD was inspired by the space that is so skillfully illustrated in the video of the same name. The song is a tribute to ideals that were once thriving and now stand around us, sunken in their own decay and ruin. Monuments are a great illustration of things that have gone right or have gone wrong. There’s a Germany word for a monument that warns people of bad things that have been: Mahnmal. 

Here’s the video for BLEAK and all the glory of a past era. Try to guess where this was shot: